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Announcement from the ICEB 2011 organizer

We (the conference organizer) would like to confirm that the conference will be firmly held on November 29 to December 1, 2011. However, our designated payment gate way (linked to one commercial bank) has encountered problems with the payment gateway server and cannot yet resume to normal service. As a result, we would like to extend further the period of early registration to November 20, 2011 and would appreciate your payment through bank transfer channel only. We truly apologize on any inconvenience that this may cause.

For the flood situation in Bangkok, currently the area around the hotel is still completely dry and not affected by the flood. We will keep you informed if the situation becomes worse and could affect your journey.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us at iceb2011@tbs.tu.ac.th

Borderless E-Business 2020: The Future is NOW.

Predictions about E-Business in 2020 highlight:

    1. Cloud Computing
    2. Mobility-4G
    3. Open Source
    4. Social Media
    5. Sustainability
    6. Emerging Markets
Mobile Internet is emerging and is increasingly innovative mobile.

Connectivity allows businesses and customers to be more connected, which is faster, easier, more affordable, more fun and very accessible.

The major E-Business Corporations are global growing, and are highly valued. Google has a market valuation of US$180 billion, Face book US$ 50 billion, even Trailer has a market valuation of US$ 3.7 billion based on online advertising, social networking and mergers and acquisitions. These corporations will create a wide range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

A similar trend is taking in china. Tencent, very similar to Facebook has 523 million users compared to Face book’s 519 million. Taobao, similar to Amazon has 190 million users compared to 114 million Amazon users.

The trend in E-Business will continue to grow exponentially. As of mid-2009, there were significantly more users of social networking than E-mail and they spent significantly more time.

The availability of cloud computing already in major use by consumers will also spread to enterprises for B2B cooperation and processes like supply chain management and new product development. Entrepreneurs will take advantage of this trend with new business development.

Consumers and corporations are more concerned about sustainability. The trends for mobile commerce and cloud computing offer significant sustainability advantages.

This conference will offer the opportunity to explore these trends in depth with tracks in

    1. Sustainable E-business
    2. Social Media
    3. Mobile Commerce
    4. E-Government
    5. E-Business Technology
    6. E-Business Knowledge management
    7. E-Business Applications